Child Safety

At NOVO Blinds we take product safety for children seriously. All of our window treatments are made with safety in mind and come with warning labels like the shown here to communicate the potential hazards of corded window covering.


All our products offers child safety regarding tension device requirments for corded window coverings. It is mandatory that window treatments supplied with control cords or loops are supplied with cord/chain tension device that, if installed properly, will keep control cord/chain loops taught and prevent possible entanglement and strangulation. The tension devices will prevent the shades from operating properly if they are loosened or are pulled away from the window frame or other point of attachment.


Blinds and shades with internal electric motors are another means of removing the hazards of cord and chain controls. Not only are these products are child and pet safe, but automated shades create the possibility of integrating into home or office automation systems for total control and security. Novo Blind’s automated shades are operated with remote controls and digital networks.*


Cordless controls allow the windows treatments to be operated by hand without the use of control or loops.