Vertical Blinds

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Choice Materials

You can't go wrong with PVC, fabric, or faux wood. They'll all look delightful!

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Personalized Stacking

Ready for VIP treatment? Choose between one way or split stacking for your vertical blinds.

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Easy to Clean

Lucky for you, vertical blinds are super easy to wipe, wash, or vacuum.

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Perfect Solution for Sliders

The love story between sliding doors and vertical blinds goes way back for a reason. They're a perfect pair!

Our vinyl vertical blinds are a reliable classic that offers a simple and affordable solution for any space in your home. These vertical blinds come in numerous colors/options and they are very easy to use and maintain. Our fabric vertical blinds add a modern flare to a reliable classic. These also come in numerous colors, textures, and designs. The fabrics are also available in other categories of our products (Roller, Roman, and Pleated) so you can coordinate your rooms with ease. Vertical blinds are also perfect for patio doors, large windows, and commercial spaces. They can also be used as space divider.

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