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Child Safety


Cord & Chain Tension Devices for Child Safety:

All of our window treatments conform to Health Canada’s current regulations on Corded Window Covering Products. It mandates that at ALL window treatments manufactured and sold in Canada with visible control cords or loops must be supplied with cord/chain tension devices. If installed properly, these tension devices will keep control cord/chain loops taught and prevent possible entanglement and strangulation. In addition, if the tension device is  loosened from the wall or window frame or is pulled out entirely, the tension devices will lock onto the cord or chain and prevent the window treatment from operating properly. The tension device must be reinstalled securely to the window frame or wall in order for the window treatment to operate properly and safely.


All corded window treatments manufactured and supplied by Novo Blinds will be supplied with the warning label below. This label will be attached to the control cord upon delivery. Additional labeling is applied to the bottom bar of the window treatment.















Blinds and shades with internal electric motors eliminate the hazards of cord and chain controls. Motors can be powered by battery packs (rechargeable or replaceable batteries), DC low voltage power, or AC 120V power. Automated shades can also be set to timers and can react to sunlight conditions for added privacy and energy savings.

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