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ZEBRA: Dual Vision Shades

Soft Lighting

Looking for smooth transitions? Gently filter in light or darken a room without harsh light extremes.

UV Protection

Keep harmful UV rays at bay and protect your furniture and floors

Never Lose a View

Keep an unobstructed view when the fabric slats are open. Great for daydreamers and those who appreciate the world around them.

Low Profile

Dual sheer shades are super lightweight and can be used as a low profile window treatment in windows up to 94" wide.

Novo's dual vision shades are composed of innovative and revolutionary lines that offer the best of all worlds to our customers! The sheer shades are designed for multi-functionality; They maintain the look of a shade when closed, but can control light like a blind. The delicate, yet luxurious fabrics, and the multiple varying functions of our sheer shades, makes them one of our most popular products, and a worthy investment. 

Made up of 2 layers of alternating soft, sheer fabric, these shades can be customized to offer privacy while still letting light through your window. You’ll love the function of a roller shade combined with sleek, fresh style of sheer and solid fabrics.

Visit us or book an in-house! consultation to see our selection of shades and colors

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