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Faux Wood Blinds

Moisture Resistant

Hot and steamy? Faux wood is great for bathrooms, kitchens, and garages.

Super Durable

Does your home feel like a circus sometimes? Scratch and moisture-resistant PVC can stand up to almost anything.

Budget Friendly

On a budget? No worries. For the same look, faux wood blinds cost less than real wood blinds.

Easy to Clean

An easy wipe down is all that's needed to make your oh-so-pretty blinds sparkle.

Novo roller shades offer a modern flare on an old favorite. The roller shades come in versatile color options with designs that make it painless to convert any space in your home. You can opt for a more functional, simpler look with these shades, or you can go for a soft design that will add a gentle touch to your windows. With the growing fabric options, our roller shades are sure to have a fabric for you.

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